15 September 2020

CMDBuild - the CMDB you were looking for

CMDBuild is an open source Enterprise web application built for easy and convenient IT asset management. Built on Java, PostgreSQL technologies. The peculiarity of this system is that it is fully configurable for various tasks and with its help you can manage a database of IT assets, business resources, as well as equipment, technological infrastructure and other configuration items (CI). 


With CMDBuild you can create and extend your own CMDB, modeling it according to the needs of your company. 

 Main features: 

The system contains: 

CMDBuild is built on MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) which maximizes the ability to use CMDBuild as the base system through which you create what you need. 

As a quick start of the system, you can request the online demo version or start the system from Docker, and it’s completely free. As for the benefits, you should pay attention to them. 

  1. Ease of configuration and use, allows you to make from CMDBuild a single source of truth (Single source of truth) of the IT infrastructure. 
  2. CMDBuild provides you with maximum flexibility to configure the application to suit. 
  3. The built-in API, CMDBuild can be the core of your IT, with which monitoring systems (Zabbix), IPAM / DCIM systems (Netbox), IT tasks and runbook automation (Rundeck), Active Directory, VCenter, SCCM and much more can be integrated. 
  4. Open source that anyone can use. One has only to study the documentation and application features to get the most out of it. 


CMDBuild is a respectable product if implemented correctly.