19 February 2019

Monitoring UPS Ippon BACK BASIC 650 / 850 / 1050 by Zabbix


We recommend that all customers use UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies) for their equipment and servers. The UPS is not needed to work autonomously, but to properly shut down the device (server or other equipment) with a long power outage and protect it from voltage drops. Better let the UPS break for 100 $, than the server for 2000 $. The most important thing is that the UPS must be connected to the server via USB or be accessible over the network in order to be able to receive information about its operation from it.

UPSs that connect via the network are monitored via SNMP and Zabbix Share already has templates for these devices. Cheap UPS, do not have a network connection and works with them only on USB, for example Ippon BACK BASIC.

To work on a server or computer, install the Winpower Manager control software and it communicates with the UPS through the USB, receiving data from it on the voltage (input, output), battery temperature, its charge and the load on the UPS. All this data the software stores in the CSV file “C: Program Files (x86) MonitorSoftware UPSDATA.CSV”

Therefore, we wrote a small template that analyzes this file and sends data to Zabbix Server, and then builds charts and triggers as usual.

Recording to a file occurs cyclically, that is, there are data only for the last week, which is convenient, the file weighs very little. The file has the following structure: the first line of the file header, the rest of the lines are data, an example:



From these data we are interested:

IN-V (R) – input voltage;

OUT-V (R) – output voltage;

BATT-V (+) – battery voltage;

LOAD – load on the UPS in%;

TEMP – battery temperature.

To parse this file with data, we use the Zabbix-log function

log[{$UPS_IPPON_FILE_DATA},”.{35}(.{5}).*”,,,,”1″] , where

{$UPS_IPPON_FILE_DATA} – user macros with path to the data file on the disk

“.{35}(.{5}).*” – A regular expression for searching in a data string. For convenience, use the site to build and test regular expressions https://regex101.com

“1” – indicates that the first match in the regular expression

And get the next item

Based on the collected data, we create triggers.

UPS input voltage dangerous – if incoming voltage is lower than 190 Volts and above 240 volts, increased attention to the trigger, either it is not present, or overload.
UPS battery is broken – if the battery voltage is below 10.2 Volts and above 14 Volts, the battery is out of order and needs to be changed.
Input and Output Voltage Graphs

UPS load graph

Where to download
The template UPS Ippon BACK BASIC you can download from our git repository at GitHub, as well as in Zabbix Share.
We will be happy to answer your questions and suggestions.