03 September 2019

Zabbix Templates for Windows and Linux Operating Systems

At the end of August 2019, Zabbix SIA released a set of best practices for writing templates for Zabbix.

Our company is actively engaged in monitoring and creates its own solutions for monitoring various applications, operating system components and equipment.

Therefore, we immediately noticed the article and began to adapt our templates according to Zabbix practices, some of which intersected with our developments.

Our experience shows that it is often inconvenient to have one template for monitoring the entire Windows/Linux operating system, as monitoring tasks do not always require a full set of counters. As a result, it is reasonable to identify logical components and connect them as needed.

Each small template monitors one of the operating system components: CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, inventory. Then they are combined into a single OS Windows template and assigned to the Host. You can make different combinations, which allows you to apply templates for different tasks.

When writing templates, we try to make them simple and practical for our engineers to easily answer questions about what works and how, and to reduce the cost of each change.

We updated our repository and posted all the new templates in Templates/Operation Systems/

E-mail: Itmicus

Problems and errors in templates: https://github.com/itmicus/zabbix/issues

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